The 19th  International Workshop
on EM Induction in The Earth
Beijing CHINA
October 23-29, 2008
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Focus On

Call for Papers for Special Issue of Chinese Journal of Geophysics on EM Induction in the Earth, download the attach for a detail information :
关于在"地球物理学报"出版 地球电磁法研究和应用论文专辑的征稿函 :

Download some Lectures of Review papers:(December 03,2008)
Martyn Unsworth: "Magnetotelluric studies of continent-continent collisions."
Yoshino Takashi: "Laboratory Electrical Conductivity Measurement of Mantle Minerals."
Estella Atekwana: "Geophysical Signatures of Microbial Activity."

Download the Abstracts: Volume1 Volume2 (November 06,2008)

Download the Photograph. (November 04,2008)

Click to see more "Focus On" before Oct 23,2008

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 EM methods and the Workshop

   Electromagnetic (EM) methods are playing increasingly important role in studying various aspects of the planet Earth. Major applications include tectonic studies; exploration for hydrocarbons, minerals, and ground water; investigation of seismic and volcanic hazards and their precursors; urban geophysics and environmental monitoring. EM methods are successful in these applications because electrical conductivity is sensitive to subsurface distribution of temperature, and the presence of fluids and mineralized zones. Instrumentation for electromagnetic exploration has developed rapidly in recent years and precise measurements can now be made on the Earth's surface, in bore holes, and from aircraft and satellites. Data processing, inversion and modeling techniques have also progressed significantly in recent years. Laboratory studies of the electrical conductivity of rocks provide an improved understanding of physical, chemical and biological properties and processes within the Earth.

   The bi-annual International Workshop on Electromagnetic (EM) Induction in the Earth is the premier venue for researchers around the world to exchange research results and latest developments in the field of geo-electromagnetism. We have the pleasure of organizing the 19th EM workshop in China in October 23-29,2008. In co-operation with, and under the sponsorship of Working Group I-2 Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth of IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy), it will be hosted by Institute of Geology of the China Earthquake Administration and Geo-electromagnetic committee of Chinese Geophysical Society. We invite members of the global EM community to attend the workshop and present their latest results and ideas in the fields listed above.


I-2 Working Group Committee, IAGA, IUGG


China Earthquake Administration (CEA)
Institute of Geology, CEA
Chinese Geophysical Society (CGS)
Geo-Electromagnetic Committee, CGS

 Supporting organizations

National Nature Science Foundation of China (in Beijing)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (in Beijing)
Peking University (in Beijing)
China University of Geosciences (in Beijing)
China University of Geosciences (in Wuhan)
China National Petroleum Corporation (in Beijing)
BGP, Non-seismic Survey, CNPC (in Hebei)
China Geological Survey (in Beijing)
China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (in Beijing)
China National Off-Shore Oil Corporation (in Beijing)
China National Administration of Coal Geology (in Beijing)
Shenyang Engineering Scientific Research and Design Institute (in Liaoning Province)
China Seismological Society (in Beijing)
Chengdu University of Technology (in Sichuan Province)
Yangtze University (in Hubei province)
Guilin University of Technology (in Guangxi Autonomos Region)
Central South University (in Hunan Province)
Petroleum University (in Beijing)
Jilin University (in Jilin Province)
Tongji University (in Shanghai)
Zhejiang University (in Zhejiang Province)
University of Science and Technology of China (in Anhui Province)
Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (in Beijing)
Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration, CAGS (in Hebei)
China Non-ferrous Metal Resource Geological Survey (in Beijing)


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